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2023- 2024 Student Privacy Vendor Sharing Agreements

2023- 2024 Student Privacy

The Louisiana Department of Education (LDE) and Evangeline Parish School System (the LEA) are committed to protecting student data. In compliance with Louisiana Act 677, Evangeline Parish School District will provide information relative to active district contracts and data elements associated with each application. The documents listed are currently approved addendums and/or agreements utilized by the district/schools with student information. The Evangeline Parish School Board is authorized to share this information through Title 28; Bulletin 741; §2303 D-E and FERPA. 

Additionally, the legislature passed, Act 837, which provides for limitations and prohibitions on the collection and sharing of student information.

In compliance with Louisiana Act 677 of the 2014 Louisiana Legislative Session,La. R. S. 17:3913, Evangeline Parish School District provides this listing of all vendors in which PII information is shared for the specific purposes delineated in the chart below. 

Parents of eighth-grade Students: Please note that Act 837 of the 2014 Legislative Session enacted La. R.S. 17:3914 and requires parental consent to share student PII data with the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance and Board of Regents for students to be considered for the Taylor Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS). 

Individuals with complaints involving the sharing of student personally identifiable information (PII) may complete the

"Evangeline Parish School System Student Privacy Complaint Form" and submit to the Office of Assistant Superintendent at 1123 Te Mamou Rd. Ville Platte, LA 70586. 


Vendor Purpose Data Elements Transferred  Files 
AHEC Federal Reporting  Name, address, phone, email of students in AHEC Program 

Profile & Privacy Agreement 

Amplified IT Information will be used to automatically create student and teacher accounts in G Suite and to automatically create and maintain Google Classrooms SIS Information 

Profile & Privacy Agreement

A+PEL   Survey Data with student opinions for CNA Profile& Privacy Agreement 
Athlos Products & Services To prepopulate the Athlos Special Education logs application to ease the data entry process for Evangelien Parish users Special Education Student Names and IEP Goals

 Profile & Privacy Agreement 

Athlos Products & Services Agreement 

Audio Optical Systems of Austin Kurzweil Educational Software provides integrated literacy, text to speech software. Student Data Deemed necessary at School Level; Only data required for the


Balfour Student graduation supplies Student first and last names, address, phone number  
Brain POP     Profile Form & Privacy Agreement 
Cengage Learning, Inc.     Privacy Addendum 

Clever Inc. 

(Vendor contracted to upload student data for use with various programs.)

Clever Inc.

(Vendor contracted by TenMarks to upload student data for use with their program) 

Basic student demographic and rostering data 




Curriculum Associates, LLC Assessment, Instruction, Professional Development Student first and last name, date of birth, gender, ethnicity or race, student school enrollment, student grade level, teacher name, English language learner status, eligibility for free or reduced lunch price, teacher first and last name, teacher email address

Profile Form & Data Sharing Agreement 

Crawford Photography Pictures for school portraits and JPAMS Student ID, Student First and Last Name, Teacher of Record, Grade Level 



Docusign, Inc.      Privacy Addendum 
eLuma Teletherapy services including speech and language pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, mental health counseling and school psychology Student ID, last name, first name, zip code, gender, birth date, grade, clinician, phone, parent first/last name, parent email, case manager name, primary teacher name, primary teacher email, service details, status 

Profile Form 


EDgear  EDgear provides the student information management system for the district Student Full Name, Student ID Number, Gender, Grade Level, Date of Birth, Ethnicity, Language, Scores from State Assessments, School Enrollment, Class Schedule, Special Education Information, Attendance, Discipline Information, Grades, Medical Information, Email Address, Lunch Status, Social Security Number Data Privacy Addendum to EDGEAR SOFTWARE Service/License Agreement
Edgenuity  Edgenuity is a research based video course curriculum, which offers more than 185 semester-equivalent core and elective online courses for students in grades 6-12. Edgenuity can be used as core curriculum, for intervention, to recover credits, to prepare for standardized assessment and prep for some AP programs.  Student First and Last Name, Grade Level, Student Scores, Progress Reports and Final Grades  Privacy Agreement 
eDynamic Holdings, LP Provide access and record keeping for the Learning Blade STEM/CS/CTE career awareness curriculum  Student First Name, Last name, Username, Password, Grade Level, Student ID number

Profile Form

Privacy Agreement 

ESE Solutions, LLC

DBA Brolly 

Special Education Software: Special Education service tracking and progress monitoring 

Special Education Student(s): 

Name, Attending School, Grade Level, IEP Goals, ID 

Profile Form & Privacy Agreement 
Evangeline Parish 4-H Clubs 4-H Enrichment Programming  3rd Grade Student Demographics 

Privacy Agreement 

Evangeline Parish District Attorney's Office Child Welfare/ Attendance  Information relevant to compulsory school attendance and truancy laws 


Privacy Addendum 

First Student 

Bus Route Creation 

Student address and contact information for rougting and transportation purposes 

Electronic Student Data used to prepare bus routes (Student Full Name, Parent/ Guardian Full Name, Address, Parent/ Guardian Contact Information); Jcampus/JPAMS Profile Form & Data Sharing Agreement 
Follett School Solutions, Inc.  Follett's Destiny Library Manager is a complete library management system. It is used to check out and check in student and faculty library books. It is also used for cataloging, inventory, and compiling reports.  Student first and last name, grade level, homeroom teacher, graduation year, and student ID number 


Frontline Technologies Group     Privacy Agreement 
Focused Fitness  This information will be used for teachers to identify their classes and enter fitness data for students 

Student First and Last Name, Age, Gender, School Name, Class Name, Teacher Name, Section, Period, ID 

Privacy Agreement 


Gallopade  This information will be used for teachers rostering students with the social studies curiculum. This information also allows teachers and administrators to connect for the benefit of students First Name, Last Name, Student ID, Email, Phone District Name, School Name, School Administrators, Teacher Name, Class Sections Profile Form & Privacy Agreement 
Global Grid for Learning (GG4L)   Student first name, student last time, Student ID, Teacher, Grade Level, Course Profile Form & Privacy Agreement 
Great Minds, PBC Great Minds/Edulastic collects data for the purpose of student account management and product utilization  Student and Staff email addresses, Student first and last name, passwords, curriculum course, grade, school/district associaton (rostering), assessment performance data, and product usage data 

Profile Form  & Privacy Agreement 


Herff Jones, LLC Yearbooks and Related Products Full student name, graduation year, class, clubs, activities, awards and recognitions

Profile Form & Privacy Agreement 


Integrity Resource Connection 21st CCLC After School Program  Student Full Name, Student ID, Date of Birth, Grade Level, Sex, Race, School Enrollment, Student Assessments, Parent’s Name, Parent’s Cell and email address Profile Form & Privacy Agreement 
Jostens/The Grad Shoppe To mail students postcards and letters about their accounts with the company for graducation supplies, class rings, medals, awards, and/or letterman jackets  Student Full Name, Address, Phone Number 


Privacy Agreement 

Kaleidoscope Learning, Inc. Kaleidoscope Learning will provide access to the RISE Up platform for the purchase and management of RISE Up Program materials Student First & Last Name, School email address, Teacher Name, School Privacy Agreement 
LearnZillion, Inc. LearnZillion is for use by authorized users only and all users are subject to LearnZillions terms of use and privacy policy. Learnzillion safeguards any protected information received from or created by customers, in accordance with all applicable federal and state laws, rules regulations, and policies.  Student Name, User name, password, school 

Privacy Agreement 

Life Touch Lifetouch National School Studios Inc., (Lifetouch), produces and delivers to school the portrait-based products and services needed for the school’s administrative purposes and/or for use in the school yearbook. Full Name, Student ID Number, School Enrollment, Grade Level, Schedule Information  
Life Share Blood Center Personal Health Information and information obtained during the processing of the blood and blood components will be used to provide quality blood and blood components and related services for use in patients Personal health and other information obtained during the processing of the blood and blood component donation 




Louisiana Restaurant Association Education Foundation Industry testing and industry certification  Student Full Name, Student Exams, Student Scores


Privacy Agreement


LSU AgCenter/4-H Youth Development Information will be used to enroll 3rd- 12th grade students in 4-H clubs 

Student Demographic Information used only forenrollment 3rd grade recruit list parishwide 

Profile Form & Privacy Agreement 

LSU Eunice Higher Education/Post Secondary Education Board of Regents, LSU Privacy Agreement 
Marketing Education Retail Alliance/MERA Match Student Names to requested number of online courses to be granted to schools  Student names  Privacy Agreement 
Neptune Navigage Account creation to be used with CIPA, COPPA compliance for teaching students about Digital Citizenship & Internet Safety  Student first and last name, Student Local ID, School Enrollment, Grade Level, Homeroom Teacher, Teacher Name, Teacher Email & Student Email for Login Purposes ONLY  Profile Form & Privacy Agreement 
ParentSquare School communication software Student Demographic information, enrollment, student contact information, Parent/Guardian Contact Information, Staff Contact Information, Student Class Schedule Profile Form and Privacy Agreement 
Parks Community Support Services  
Privacy Addendum 
PAXIS Institute    Class, Grade Level, Student First Name, Last Initial, Teacher Name, Teacher Email, School Name, School District  Privacy Agreement
Petry Photography, LLC To organize students for school portraits and yearbook publication  Student Name, Student ID, Grade, Homeroom Teacher



Project Hope Life Skills Training Curriculum  Student First and Last Name, Pre/Post Test  Profile Form & Privacy Agreement 
Provine School Pictures  Pictures for JPAMS and yearbook if applicable   First name, last name, grade, teacher and local student ID 

Profile Fom and Privacy Agreement


Remind Parental communication, updates, alerts  Student first and last name, parent contact, parent phone number, school, district  Privacy Agreement 

Renaissance Learning, Inc. 


K-12 educational software (reading, math, writing), progress-monitoring and formative assessment software, instructional materials and supplies, library materials and supplies, professional development and consulting  Student Full Name, Student ID Number, Gender, Grade Level, AR Test Scores, School Enrollment, Class Schedule 

Profile Form & Data Sharing Agreement 




Lalilo Premium builds the foundational literacy skills of K-2 learners in and out of school with engaging and individualized lessons that meet the students where they are while providing educators with actionable data to drive their instruction. Student school enrollment, student grade level, homeroom teacher, student schedule, teacher name, teacher email, student ID number, student username, student first and last name,  PROFILE FORM & PRIVACY AGREEMENT 
Studies Weekly Teacher and Student Access to online curriculum and resources.  IP Address, Studies Weekly Online Student Assessments, Student enrollment, student grade level, guardian first and last name, teacher name, student email, local student ID, student first/last name, student generated content; writing, pictures Profile Form & Data Sharing Agreement 

The Grad Shop


Sale and delivery of caps & gowns, announcements and other senior apparel  Graduate student first and last name, address, and phone number Profile Form & Privacy Agreement

The Lampo Group, LLC

DBA: Ramsey Solutions

  See Data Elements collected Policy on company website

Profile Form

Privacy Agreement Online typing tutor  Student first and last name, student email address, grade level, and teacher Privacy Agreement 
United Blood Services Personal Health Information and information obtained during the processing of the blood and blood components will be used to provide quality blood and blood components and related services for use in patients  Personal health and other information obtained during the processing of the blood and clood component donation NO ACTIVE Agreement 
Workforce Development Board     Privacy Addendum 
World Book Optional folder if user wishes to create peronal folder for storing research notes; Users may include their email address for use with re-setting passwords in the event a password is forgotten User Name, email address if applicable  Privacy Agreement 
Zoom Zoom is a platform used to meet with students, staff, and/or staff from the safety of your own safe space.    Privacy Agreement 


The following are Data Sharing Agreements as directed in Act No. 677. Please see the link below for the Louisiana Department of Education’s data-sharing agreements.

Evangeline Parish School System currently collects and shares student PII with the Louisiana Department of Education who may share PII with the following vendors for the specific purposes delineated in the chart below. The LDE is guided by Acts 837 and 677 in their contractual agreements and procedures.


Vendor  Purpose  Files   
ACT, Inc.    Addendum to Data Sharing Agreement   
ASSISTMENTS Foundation Math Acceleration Curriculum  Addendum to Data Sharing Agreement   
CARASOFT (Google)   Addendum to Data Sharing Agreement   
CCAI (SER) Host and Maintain SER (Students with IEPs)    
College Board   Addendum to Data Sharing Agreement   
Computer Aid, Inc   Addendum to Data Sharing Agreement   
Data Recognition Corporation (DRC)    Addendum to Data Sharing Agreement   

Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) for Non-Summative Assessment 

  Addendum to Data Sharing Agreement   
ELPT  English Proficiency test for LEP/ELL students 

Addendum to Data Sharing Agreement

 Data Sharing Agreement 

eScholar LLC.    Addendum to Data Sharing Agreement   
Hoonuit I, LLC   Addendum to Data Sharing Agreement  

Addendum to Data Sharing Agreement 

Data Sharing Agreement 

Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC)   

Addendum to Data Sharing Agreement


Data Sharing Agreement 

LEAP 360   State of Louisiana Privacy Addendum   
Louisiana Community and Technical College System (LCTCS)   Addendum to Data Sharing Agreement   
Louisiana Workforce Commission  ACT 567 of 2022 Regular Session, LA. R.S. 17:3914 (N) Data Sharing Agreement   
National Center for Education Statistics (NCES for NAEP, PISA, PIRLS, TIMSS, ICILS)   Addendum to Data Sharing Agreement   
NOTABLE INC, dba KAMI    Data Sharing Agreement   
Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., Inc.    Addendum to Data Sharing Agreement   
Red-e Set Grow (DSC)  Host and Maintain Developmental Skills Checklist (DSC) data; Evaluates the skills that children develop from Pre-Kindergarten through the end of Kindergarten Addendum to Data Sharing Agreement   
Teaching Strategies

Teaching strategies provides the most innovative and effective curriculum, assessment, professional development, and family connection resources to programs serving children from birth through third grade. 

Data Elements: Demographics First 

Profile Form

Data Sharing Agreement


Teaching Strategies, LLC for KEA  

Data Sharing Agreement

Addendum to Data Sharing Agreement 

University of Louisiana at Lafaytette (ULL)   Addendum to Data Sharing Agreement   

New data sharing restrictions require LEAs to have a contract or data sharing agreement with private vendors that deliver services under state contracts. To facilitate this process, LEAs can opt in these agreements by downloading the addendum, signing, scanning, and emailing the signed copy to

All concerns and questions related to the following MOUs, addendums, student privacy, and the sharing of students’ PII can be submitted to

Please include the following:

  • First and Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Agreement related to inquiry (please select from the list below)
  • Question/Concerns