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Special Olympics

Track & Field Event – Wednesday, April 5, 2023, at Basile High

Special Olympics Bowling Competition     


           State Special Olympics Image with Information from the Event

Noah Fontenot 2nd Place Ramp Assisted Division Boys James Stephens

Montashia Attle 2nd Place 16-21 Division Mamou High Girls

Christopher Louis 3rd Place 12-15 Division Basile High Boys

Colby Lasage 1st Place 12-15 Division Mamou High Boys

Dane Thibodeaux 3rd Place 16-21 Division Basile High Boys

Christopher Bergeron 2nd Place 12-15 Division Bayou Chicot Elementary Boys

Aubrey Lahaye 1st Place Ramp Assisted Division Girls Vidrine Elem.


The students also participated in the healthy athletes part of the tournament where they learned about making healthy choices with nutrition, exercise, and mental health.

2023 Special Olympics Cornhole Event

The cornhole event took place Thursday, February 9, 2023, at Mamou Elementary gymnasium. Congratulations to all participants!