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Assistive Technology


Evangeline Parish Assistive Technology Department

Assessment, Devices, and Available Service


Assistive Technology Assessment Team

Our Mission

The Assistive Technology (AT) Assessment Team provides comprehensive, holistic, professional, and needs-driven Assistive Technology asssessments that promote functional independence.

Who We Are

The AT team is made up of professionals with expertise in:

  • Academic supports and adapations
  • Augmentative and alternative communication systems development
  • Gross and fine motor adaptations
  • Sensory and health supports
  • Team coordination supports and systems

Overview of Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology can be anything from a simple, low-tech device, like magnifying glass, to a complex, high-tech device, such as a computerized communication system.  Your child’s IEP committee will list any requirements for assistive technology on their IEP.

Assistive Technology Services

Assistive technology services are any services that directly assist your child with selecting, getting, or using an assistive technology device.  These services also include evaluation for asssitive tehcnology and may include training for you, your child, or service provider in the use of a device.


The AT team provides resources to meet a student’s individual technology assessment needs.  Each student is assessed according to their needs.  The AT team is available for initial evaluations and for triennial reassessments.  


Assistive Technology Team

Samantha Lahaye- Assistive Technology Facilitator

Robyn Duos - Speech Pathologist

Kayla Chapman-Occupational Therapist  337-363-6277

Jaimi Vidrine- Occupational Therapist  337-599-2300



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