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Cajun Nation Visits VPE & JSM

Posted Date: 05/15/2024

Cajun Nation Visits VPE & JSM



The Red Can Man mascot for the (Cajun Nation Seasoning Company) was invited to Ville Platte Elementary and James Stephens Montessori schools to talk about childhood obesity and the importance of eating healthy foods like vegetables and fruits and exercising to maintain a healthy body. 

Cajun Nation Mascot Red Can Man



Cajun Nation Presentation - Dancing
























Cajun Nation Fruit




Cajun Nation Exercise


Cajun Nation Handing out Bags



Cajun Nation - Student with bags


Cajun Nation CEOs pictutred with Superintendent Lazard ,Board President Bobby Hamlin Jr. and Assistant Superintendent Mike Lombas
Cajun Nation Seasoning CEOs, Alfonzo and Troy Bolden pictured with Superintendent Lazard, Assistant Superintendent Mike Lombas, and Board President Bobby Hamlin Jr.